The new maternity and nursing Vertbaudet for fall 2016 collection is amazing

Although we are still in summer, firms maternity fashion are advancing their collections for fall 2016. The Vertbaudet brand always surprises with its new proposals filled with seasonal trends and basic indisputable. Clothes quality and very flattering at a good price. Continue reading

Seven reasons why you need a jacket decorated in your life

If you want to know what kind of jackets will be as this fall, do not hesitate, the jackets decorated to make very tough competition to military jackets. Gradually we have you fallen for this trend so well is in the pictures on Instagram. Embroidered jackets, decorated with all kinds of drawings, as pineapples or flamingos, or interesting messages on the back that make us want to show them off at all hours. Continue reading

Anima, handmade textile jewelery

Today I speak of Anima, textile jewelry brand, made in Provence. Its pieces are all handmade, everything is made by hand, each piece takes an average of 10 to 12 hours and is unique, like no other piece. They are spectacular and now comes the time of communions and weddings, can be the perfect complement to our look.

The creator of Anima, Nadia G, studied fashion in Ibiza, in the local School of Arts and Crafts, where immediately begins to stand out and win the Young Designers Contest, later creating his first clothing company. Continue reading

Seven “tricks” to look thinner on the beach (without the roll dieting or trying too hard)

The holidays are here and the truth is that there is no time to join a gym or with different diets fail. In addition, there is some tricks sea of easy and practical to enhance what we are already in great bathed r. Do you want to know?

1. Hone your pose “instagramer”

It is not the first time you have to do well in the pictures is trick question … and not just Photoshop. Here’s the basics to leave stupendous in your photos : turn your body in position three quarters so that your shoulders are facing the camera, keep your chin up and hands on hips (and optically arms and face). Continue reading

Do you have an appointment and do not know what to wear? These ideas might just inspire you

There is nothing better than a summer love. The heat will revolutionize our neurons and open ourselves to meet new people. Or maybe chance is in the same place for the summer. Whatever the excuse, this time of year is perfect to find love – or perhaps a good passivisation-. But in the first few dates we always assail the same question: should I wear? How I can dress to be perfect without much? What are the best options?

Do not worry, these questions have gone through the minds of all and at the end one ends up finding the right outfit. But if you do not want to waste a lot of time trying all the clothes closet and want to play it safe, here are some tips that will help you. We discovered the panacea of fashion, but we should always keep that in mind. Do you take note? Continue reading

Your skin has a special power and uses it to defend itself against all damages

Your skin is a real barrier to the passage of the years, protecting the assaults day after day, and physical, chemical and physiological level. It is the body’s largest organ, and therefore also the immune system. Therefore, it has some own defense mechanisms that cannot be underestimated.

The fight against aggressions and time

Time and assaults are directly responsible for the signs of aging constant enemies of the skin. We can cover all such damage to the skin is subjected to physical, chemical and biological.

Among physicists, the highlights are the sun and radiation, especially ultraviolet. But he also defends us from the conditions and extreme temperatures (cold, heat and lack of moisture) as well as environmental changes that we are exposed to the effect of heating and air conditioning. Other major assault that protects us is the trauma, among which we highlight the pressure, shock and abrasion. Continue reading