Purification Garcia: The best supplements Winter

We all know the power of a good supplement. Why call them “accessory” is wrong. They are not accessories are really important because they are able to completely transform a look to improve it, color it, and make it much more interesting. Purification Garcia has always been a very complete shop within accessories, and its catalog for this winter 2016/2017 is the best example. Continue reading

Sale: Tips for one perfect shopping

The trends has already begun in all the regions of countries, here are some tips to make a smart shopper and avoid stressful lines…

The fairer sex just seen written on the windows the word “Sale” begins to gush joy from every pore, can finally buy that sweater so that he dreamed for months and months. Discounts are now begun all over the country and around the female audience and it not, began to make the file outside shops. Women, more often, they do get euphoria and start to buy clothes that you may not ever get, ever.  Continue reading

5 tips to innovate your winter outfits

Winter is personally my favorite time of year, not only the cold is something I love, if not the clothing worn during this season, is totally my favorite, because it is much less chance that the summer, you have more tools with which to play, such as scarves, caps and gloves, and you can add layers and layers of clothing without being heat.Something that is not so good winter, is that we can see ourselves as photography, that is always the same! With coats being very similar between them is difficult to look different every day, but in fashion there is always a solution for everything, Here these 5 tips I share you for you to give a different touch to those looks that no longer find how to vary : Continue reading