The History of the Football Kit

The football kit was first used in the 1870s and has been the method that football teams use to distinguish themselves for around 140 years.

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The first incarnation in the 1800s of long-sleeved jersey football shirts has been transformed greatly over time to become today’s modern breathable lightweight shirts.

The football shirt is now even the subject of art exhibitions.

Football fans don their teams’ shirts, displaying their support for their club proudly; it is a sign of allegiance. If you are looking for football team kits, look at suppliers such as

The Early Years

The first football kits are poles apart from what we see on today’s football pitches.

Back in the 1870s, the first football shirts were made from heavy cotton with long sleeves and collars. Unlike today, they didn’t display numbers on the back, so the only way to tell one side from another would be from their sock colour.

The FA Cup Final in 1933 saw numbers on football shirts become standard. At around the same time, goalkeepers were also given separate kits to allow the referee to distinguish them from other players.

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The 1950s saw synthetic materials introduced into football shirt manufacture. More lightweight and breathable, these shirts were combined with short sleeves for a much more practical design.

By the 1970s, more unique designs started to appear on footballers, with the first replica football kits hitting the markets for fans. With sponsorship logos appearing on football shirts, it became extremely profitable for clubs to sell football kits.


The 1990s saw more intricate designs, with technological innovations allowing developments in the manufacture and printing of football kits.

Football kits are now made from polyester mesh, a synthetic and much lighter material. Hi-tech polyesters, like wicking polyester, absorb minimal water and draw perspiration away from the skin. This allows footballers to stay dry and cool on the pitch.

Further technologies enable ventilation and even allow the shirt to adapt to the temperature of the body in cold and warm climates.

The latest innovation in materials is carbonyte. Products made from this fabric aid footballers by reducing the risk of injury and muscle damage. The compression and wrapping design of the fabric creates a supportive thermal layer. It also provides temperature control and moisture management.

Do-it-yourself decor

Do-it-yourself decorating is great fun and allows you  customise your home exactly the way you want it. There are many tips and tutorials online with step-by-step instructions on how to complete quick and easy projects to put some new sparkle into your rooms. It doesn’t have to cost a fortune either. You’ll most likely find that buying a few crafty bits and upcycling an old, tired piece of furniture will be much cheaper than replacing it altogether. Imaginative decorations can also be made with things you might already have lying around the house or garage. Here are a few ideas to help you fall in love with your home again.

Create a footstool by using old crates. Add a cushion on the top by gluing two layers of foam to a piece of plywood and wrapping in attractive fabric. Secure the fabric with a staple gun and attach some wooden strips across the crate opening to form a support for the cushion. Hey presto! You have a lovely footstool in a shabby chic style. For Cotton Fabric, visit

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Jewelry Art is a great way of using old fashioned heirlooms you might have gathering dust in a jewelry box. Give them a new lease of life by creating embellishments for dull wall space. Gluing or sewing the brooches or earrings to a canvas will create really unique wall art and there online tutorials explaining how to achieve this look.

Do you have a tired old bookcase that you’re sick of? Don’t bin it, flip it! Giving it a fresh coat of paint and turning it on its side can create a whole new fresh feel to the piece of furniture. Stacked horizontally, these shelves now provide interesting display cubbies or a table top surface with underneath decorative space.

If you have an old trunk in the loft then these are perfect for upcycling. You can use an old trunk as a coffee table for a living room or conservatory. It will also serve as great storage space for board games, magazines or other living room extras. Sand down and repaint or keep in its original glory and you’ll see that items you thought were defunct just need a new purpose in life.

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Another slightly more ambitious idea is to turn old shipping pallets into a table. A great storage solution for a living room, kitchen or dining room and can also be used for special occasions as a host trolley or dessert table. Sanded down and painted any colour you desire and you have an interesting bespoke addition to your home.

An old weathered porch post can be turned into a rustic jewelry holder. Old door knobs hammered into the post are great for hanging necklaces and bracelets from. Repainting the post and gathering a selection of mismatched old doorknobs that would otherwise have ended up in landfill, can be turned into something functional and unique for your bedroom.

Essential beauty products for your holiday

You’ve waited months for the holiday season. You’ve had your nails done and taken care of your eyebrows, now comes the time to pack. If you’re a big fan of beauty products, you might find it hard to narrow your collection down so you aren’t taking your full makeup bag. Here are some of the essentials that you can’t do without.

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Sun cream

It should go without saying, but if you’re going somewhere hot, then you absolutely must take some sun cream with you. Waterproof cream is well worth investing in if you plan to have trips to the beach or soak the sun up by the pool. You should also choose the correct sun protection factor (SPF) for your skin type, as having painfully burnt skin could not only spoil your holiday, it could also leave lasting damage.

BB cream

This is a great multitasking product which can be used for a variety of things. Depending on the type you choose, you could have a primer, moisturiser, skin perfector and foundation all in one little bottle.

Shaving products

On holiday, you might be more likely to have the areas you shave more exposed, which is why shaving products are a must. Disposable razors are great to take, as you can save room in your suitcase by throwing them away on the way home.


Waterproof mascara can be invaluable for humid climates, where a dip in the pool or sea is expected. You should also think about a versatile makeup palette which includes several shades and products. This makes it much easier to have lots of makeup options available, taking up very little space in your suitcase.

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With hot weather comes frizz. As annoying as it can be, you can help combat it with straighteners. Using dry shampoo can also help get rid of the static caused by washing your hair.

Don’t forget the men

Whilst men generally don’t need to take as much as women do, they still need certain essentials. Nivea travel kits are a great way to save space whilst making sure everything is taken care of. You can find these kits for sale here

By only choosing the real essentials, you can make sure that you have everything you need for your perfect holiday.

The ultimate guide to selecting a shirt

Selecting a shirt might seem an easy task, however, there are so many styles, fabrics and designs it can soon become daunting. There are a few tips on shirt selection that can help you identify the right shirt for you, whatever the occasion.

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Men’s shirts are now not only a functional item but a style statement. The type of shirt you wear can dictate not only the way people perceive you but also the way you feel about yourself. For these reasons choosing the right shirt is important for the modern man.

The right fit

The fit of your shirt is perhaps the most important aspect. The fit should flatter your torso. The right fit for you is individual, so you need to think about whether you should opt for a slim fit, skinny fit, classic fit, fuller fit or contemporary fit. For example, a fuller fitted shirt gives more room under the arms and has a generous cut to the body and sleeves.

The number of pockets

Many men feel comfortable with a pocket, while others prefer the sleek look of no pockets. A shirt without a pocket looks more formal than a shirt with a pocket. If a shirt has two pockets, one on either side, it looks casual.

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Traditional plackets

The placket is the part that runs down the front of the shirt where the buttons sit. The traditional American placket is a separate piece of fabric running down the shirt which adds symmetry to the shirt and is a popular choice for business shirts. The French placket is a more polished alternative and does not show any stitching. The three-quarter placket is seen on polo shirts and only extends part of the way down the front for a casual look.

The latest seasonal styles

There are many shirt styles and newspapers such as The Guardian run regular features on the best of men’s shirts for the current season. There are also many online and offline retailers who are experts in men’s shirts, such as, which stock all the latest brands, such as mens Farah shirts.

Whatever type of shirt you want to try, the first thing to think about is fit, followed by pocket style and placket design. Other considerations are button placement, back pleating, and of course, the type of fabric.

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1. Hone your pose “instagramer”

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Your skin has a special power and uses it to defend itself against all damages

Your skin is a real barrier to the passage of the years, protecting the assaults day after day, and physical, chemical and physiological level. It is the body’s largest organ, and therefore also the immune system. Therefore, it has some own defense mechanisms that cannot be underestimated.

The fight against aggressions and time

Time and assaults are directly responsible for the signs of aging constant enemies of the skin. We can cover all such damage to the skin is subjected to physical, chemical and biological.

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