Are you getting married this year? Topshop can be your salvation, the chain launches its first line of wedding dresses in millenial key

Topshop Bride is now a reality, the British chain has launched the design and manufacture of a new line of bridal fashion whose dresses for both brides and bridesmaids will be available online from April 13. In addition, away from the astronomical prices of traditional wedding dresses, Topshop designs can be purchased from 400 dollars. Continue reading

Wedding outfits: Sexy compromise the shoulder dress

From wedding ceremony to graduation to be sexy and elegant at the same time it is always difficult, the one-shoulder dress is the winning compromise. Here are two looks that will make you fall in love.

The clothes that cover your shoulders always have a something of winter, came the season will want to wear dresses with sweetheart neckline and they leave the bare cleavage, but are not appropriate for every occasion. Shoulders covered or uncovered? This is the fashion dilemma, you can solve thanks to the latest trends for summer 2016, the dress shoulder. Among proposals for long and short dresses one-shoulder is always sexy, playing on the effect I do not see it manages to be sensual and elegant at the same time. For this is perfect to wear on ceremonial occasions, from weddings to graduations it will be difficult to go unnoticed. Continue reading

Wedding hairstyles for a wedding in the field

The charm of nature and a farm with tradition act as a backdrop to present a bridal styling tailored. The costumes are the counterpoint style hairstyle to choose. Fashion trends are compatible with the environment, from a retro-vintage hair style to another country can be compatible with collected more sober, minimal or sophisticated, even outdoors, always blown into the atmosphere a halo more casual. Nature at its most inspired hippie-chic version crowns and headdresses of fresh flowers.

Ad hoc fashion design. The art of combining the hairstyle and accessories in the total bridal look. Brand dress general wave hairstyle, but the environment can be a great resource to help understand and choose accessories headdress. The classic mane is imposed by the princess and fairy forest effect; the fairy trend, which combines romanticism, imagination and sensitivity. Continue reading

The 11 trends that you should follow if you dress the bride 2016

If you’re a future bride and have doubt in your bridal choice, you should know that there are dresses for every taste, chords wedding day, night, civilians, by the church, in the countryside, on the beach … and all styles, from the most romantic and traditional to the most bohemian and modern. These are the 11 trends you should follow if you dress this 2016 wedding, the looks bridal fashion this season. Continue reading

Brides in two pieces, a clear trend for 2016

Brides this year changed the dress of a piece by garments worn separately, including skirts to toe, American and ‘tops’ straps.

The denim jacket Provincials, the biker of Adulatory or removable clothing. One trend wedding we have clearer for 2016 are the brides dress in two pieces, also known as Separates, namely, garments ‘separate’ that can even mix with other than before or after the wedding garments. Brides in two pieces symbolize women feminines hyper and very chic, from the very day that Bianca Jagger went through the altar by the leader of the Rolling Stone, clad only in white tuxedo jacket, no shirt, and skirt at the feet. Continue reading

What to Wear for pre-wedding photo shoot?

The pre-wedding meeting often serves as a ‘trial’ before the day where gain confidence with the photographer, although many couples use the pictures on your invitations and ‘save-the-date’

The pre-wedding photos are more than a fashion: Most photographers recommend them because they help connect with the couple before the day, i.e. they serve as test in a more relaxed environment, isolated from the rest of the world, unhurried and without necessary that everything goes right the first time. These sessions couple also allow implement some poses and angles, and are a nice reminder that often use the wedding as part of invitations on the same day B decoration or simply as an advance in social networks : that is, as a rule are not photographs that will be staying in a drawer. Continue reading

Bridal earrings and collected five ‘looks’ to combine

The jewels are a must for many brides complement, and that even though in almost all cases, except when we have a piece of family heirloom that we are determined to take whatever the cost, the choice of them comes close to breaking, after choosing the dress, long veil and even hairstyle. 

An example: A Long sleeve work best with a wide bracelet with a white gold bracelet finite, while the latter is usually best complement quarter sleeves and elbow sleeves that reach the wrist. The same applies to the collar and its relation to the neck or neckline of the dress. The earrings are a world apart.

Enmacar makers face, these tiny pieces of jewelry must complement both her ​​collar, as collected from the bride, veil and jewelry to relocate in the hair, especially if they are crowns or tiaras, and if the hair is collected and what we want outstanding enhance seen from behind. Today we’ll focus on how we can combine different styles of jewel with five different types of hairstyles. Continue reading