Greenery, how to match it? Our fashion tips

The greenery is the color of 2017 by Pantone: you like? It is a shade of green very fresh and light, reminiscent of the meadows in the spring they return to shine under the sun and often are full of daisies and other wild flowers. It is, par excellence; the color of hope, a pastel color that awakens the soul and it relaxes a lot. In contrast to the nuances of the past, such as rose quartz and blue serenity, it is definitely a less fashionable color. It is difficult to find clothing or accessories declined in this shade and is therefore also quite difficult to be able to create correct matches.

How to match the greenery? How to create a beautiful look to the latest fashion? This green is good at all? To all these questions we want to answer: discover our suggestions. Continue reading

The love story between Alexa Chung and AG Jeans continues

Model, hostess, designer, dj and it girl. Alexa Chung has everything to fall in love with who crosses the road and for some seasons AG Jeans is her signature fetish. With her she has created collections that follow her style with versatile garments and perfect for all occasions. The love story continues this Spring 2017 and so we have been shown. Continue reading

ASOS takes advantage of the arrival of spring to present its new Made in Kenya collection

With the coming arrival of Spring ASOS has re-launched its Made in Kenya collection, a series of garments in collaboration with the SOKO African clothing charity Kenya.

In this way a series of designs are born inspired in the local environment of this place, incorporating aspects of the fauna and the local flora in maxi dresses vaporous and mini dressed with leaflets. Continue reading

Valentine’s Day 2017 – Watches

A watch for Valentine? Better chance there is for a gift like this, those that you will carry with you and you will not forget. In FCreators we present the Valentine watches for men and women.

Watches today are not just a practical object; they have also become a fashion accessory. The color, the design, the sphere or the belt. We present you with a selection of stylish watches.

The watch with heart dial and red strap is a very nice design that you can find in stores and also on Ebay and Amazon. Continue reading

The new collection Violet by Mango is not afraid of anything creating the perfect closet for spring 2017

We started the weekend with a theme curvies, and that is not easy to find a collection of clothes to defend the personal style of each with the trends of the moment. Violet by Mango shows us that anything is possible after presenting its latest collection Urban Scenes. A mix of styles flashy colors, prints of all kinds: appointment in a series of garments suitable for all tastes are given perfect details to deal with style every day of the week. Continue reading

All the color combinations with which to mix the burgundy

The burgundy is certainly one of the kings of the season. Next to the black has become a key pillar of our closet and no street style that does not include any garment or accessory in this tone. How to combine it? Some mixtures are simple, but others may be somewhat more risky. If you want to play with all the cards in hand and achieve a look top, then you should control all combinations with burgundy and become an expert mixing colors! Continue reading

The 9 best looks that have left us the red carpet of the SAG 2017

We started reviewing the red carpet of the awards SAG 2017 that were held last night in Los Angeles with a selection of 9 looks we liked most, starting with the one of the biggest stars of the night, Emma Stone not only Took the prize to the best actress, but she looked great with a makeup where the green of the shadows made a very good act of presence and his lob lined a touch of glamor to the hairstyle. Continue reading