Still you do not know how to wear stripes in 2016? We bring many ideas for you

The stripes are one of the biggest hits of the season, and not only sailor stripes, of course, never go out of style, but all others: horizontal because it no longer fatten much as they say, vertical, because they say that stylize and They make higher and stripes shirts lifelong, blue and diplomatic style. Aim how to wear stripes fashion bloggers. Continue reading

The 11 trends that you should follow if you dress the bride 2016

If you’re a future bride and have doubt in your bridal choice, you should know that there are dresses for every taste, chords wedding day, night, civilians, by the church, in the countryside, on the beach … and all styles, from the most romantic and traditional to the most bohemian and modern. These are the 11 trends you should follow if you dress this 2016 wedding, the looks bridal fashion this season. Continue reading

Brides in two pieces, a clear trend for 2016

Brides this year changed the dress of a piece by garments worn separately, including skirts to toe, American and ‘tops’ straps.

The denim jacket Provincials, the biker of Adulatory or removable clothing. One trend wedding we have clearer for 2016 are the brides dress in two pieces, also known as Separates, namely, garments ‘separate’ that can even mix with other than before or after the wedding garments. Brides in two pieces symbolize women feminines hyper and very chic, from the very day that Bianca Jagger went through the altar by the leader of the Rolling Stone, clad only in white tuxedo jacket, no shirt, and skirt at the feet. Continue reading