The dress with polka dots, Zara is the new hit of the season

“How nice,” I thought to myself to see on the website of Zara. The black dress with white polka dots was simple, but effective, something in him that made me run to the first shop of my city and the response of the saleswoman was clear and concise “That dress is sold out everywhere, say that the reset online but we do not know when.” And I cried, I cried a lot. Zara had done it again and I had run out of the damn dress with polka dots. Until today finally again have stock on the web. Continue reading

Wedding outfits: Sexy compromise the shoulder dress

From wedding ceremony to graduation to be sexy and elegant at the same time it is always difficult, the one-shoulder dress is the winning compromise. Here are two looks that will make you fall in love.

The clothes that cover your shoulders always have a something of winter, came the season will want to wear dresses with sweetheart neckline and they leave the bare cleavage, but are not appropriate for every occasion. Shoulders covered or uncovered? This is the fashion dilemma, you can solve thanks to the latest trends for summer 2016, the dress shoulder. Among proposals for long and short dresses one-shoulder is always sexy, playing on the effect I do not see it manages to be sensual and elegant at the same time. For this is perfect to wear on ceremonial occasions, from weddings to graduations it will be difficult to go unnoticed. Continue reading

The 11 trends that you should follow if you dress the bride 2016

If you’re a future bride and have doubt in your bridal choice, you should know that there are dresses for every taste, chords wedding day, night, civilians, by the church, in the countryside, on the beach … and all styles, from the most romantic and traditional to the most bohemian and modern. These are the 11 trends you should follow if you dress this 2016 wedding, the looks bridal fashion this season. Continue reading

3 Key garments attire New Year

The celebrations of December 31 to celebrate New Year we love because all get handsome and party mood, if you have not had time to plan your outfit or prefer not to spend on new clothes and use things you already have in your closet, we are you and why you spent the gossip today three pieces that you can use to achieve an outfit perfect to celebrate the arrival of 2016, take note! Continue reading