Fashion trends spring / summer 2017: The irresistible

Curious to discover the fashion trends spring / summer 2017? There are looks that advise you to copy, creations to wear, the details to be preferred and, undoubtedly the must-have to buy. Know that the trends for the summer we suggest you dress very feminine creations, to the provocative edge. So, do not be caught unprepared, discover with us all the fashion trends for spring / summer 2017. Continue reading

Sara Carbonero, Nieves Alvarez, Laura Sanchez and Judit Masco dazzles in Women Awards talented

The first edition of the Women Awards talented organized by Activia and Elle, who joined to praise some of the most important women on the national scene. In the event no shortage faces as well known as Sara Carbonero, Nieves Alvarez, Laura Sanchez or Judit Masco, who did not hesitate to support these awards. Do your looks? From 10! Continue reading

Art and fashion, Uterqüe mix the two concepts for Fall 2016 collection

The temperatures have dropped drastically and go out with summer clothes pure no longer serves. This transition period only served to wish come fall once and for all, and Uterqüe take this time to present his new collection. And it does mixing art and fashion, a fusion that has always liked. Continue reading

Here’s how the umbrella can become fashion

Transforms your look on rainy days: just find the right umbrella to face the bad weather with a smile…

When it rains it’s always the same story: you never know how to dress. After all, why bother since to ruin any outfit will think rain and umbrella? Among other things, during the gloomy days, the accessory that everyone will see around will be your umbrella from the most embarrassing colors, probably bought at a stall. Instead of hiding it every time you get into some local, you have to make it a fashion accessory that will make you face the bad weather with a smile. As? We have selected the trendiest Fashion Blog umbrellas which you cannot do without. Continue reading

Have you bought something new? The definitive guide to whether you should stay with it or not

The fast fashion causes if we store and there is something we like, we take him home immediately. Not going to be that in two days the garment is made viral and disappear from view. In stores like Zara or H & M’s rotation garment is so fast that many go in a seen and unseen, causing us to buy without thinking twice, but we got home, and still time to return the garment if not ends convince us. Follow this guide to see if you should stay or not with the newly purchased garment.

Try on the garment back home, we all know that testers shops lie as Cossacks, and at home, with shoes that bear the garment or trying different combinations will see if the garment you is really good, if you favor with natural light and if your new purchase has possibilities. Continue reading

Carrying fashion trends to the office is easier than you think

We love the new fashion trends, but some are too complicated to bring us to our day. Want to take some culottes but think your office mates will think that you have shrunk pants, I just love the monkeys but your boss will think you pout when I see one. So today we do the difficult easy with these proposals office looks adapted to the spring 2016. Continue reading