Hannibal Laguna debut in the world of jewelry with pieces able to change a look

Hannibal Laguna debuts in jewelry design. The creator has launched its first jewelry collection, produced and distributed exclusively by the Spanish firm jewelry Luxenter. An exclusive selection of pieces to wear day or on special occasions, inspired by past and whose origin is in their collections runway. Pieces able to change a look. Continue reading

The 5 most common mistakes when cleaning your jewelry

The fine jewelry and jewelry should be cleaned occasionally to maintain proper materials. Very few people care to give it a proper care to their pieces of jewelry, and some are made ​​to think about everything that it may contain, from sweat, dust, products you use for skin, dirt from your hands when touch and even scent!

So take note of these  errors  common to clean your jewelry so that it may not pass, both personally and in the workplace, it is important that the parts of your business or personal use look good and maintain its quality. Continue reading

Bohemia Jewelry

Bohemian jewelry is all about simplicity. It is the only style that you could not go wrong with a casual outfit. Even if you only walk salts, remember that an outfit is never complete without the finishing touches. And no, you have to not hippie to handle it. At the heart of the Bohemian jewelry is an attitude with a great touch. No matter what views, or how to settle in your hair. It may not be appropriate for your office attire but that should not stop you from exploring the possibilities. Continue reading

High jewelry with semiprecious stones green

The green semiprecious stones give a distinctive touch to complement jewelry, but also associated with states of peace, tranquility and relaxation. Discover now what the green stones that best combine with your style and mood are.

The particular color and shape of semiprecious stones provide a special note to the high-end jewelry, but we must not forget the positive properties that the stones of that color can have on our mood and even physical.  Continue reading