Some tips to look younger

Dress pants must be tight, not too wide nor too tight.  The baggy dress pants that make you bags will add more volume to your figure and make you look older. Use dress pants that fit perfectly to your body, to be carved but not tight. The straight cut is ideal, provided they are not as wide boots.

Use skirts slightly above the knees. The skirts below the knees or up to your calves will make you look older automatically. Always prefer long skirts about four inches above the knee and fit your body, do not have to squeeze, but should not swim in them. Continue reading

Sale: Tips for one perfect shopping

The trends has already begun in all the regions of countries, here are some tips to make a smart shopper and avoid stressful lines…

The fairer sex just seen written on the windows the word “Sale” begins to gush joy from every pore, can finally buy that sweater so that he dreamed for months and months. Discounts are now begun all over the country and around the female audience and it not, began to make the file outside shops. Women, more often, they do get euphoria and start to buy clothes that you may not ever get, ever.  Continue reading