Do you have an appointment and do not know what to wear? These ideas might just inspire you

There is nothing better than a summer love. The heat will revolutionize our neurons and open ourselves to meet new people. Or maybe chance is in the same place for the summer. Whatever the excuse, this time of year is perfect to find love – or perhaps a good passivisation-. But in the first few dates we always assail the same question: should I wear? How I can dress to be perfect without much? What are the best options?

Do not worry, these questions have gone through the minds of all and at the end one ends up finding the right outfit. But if you do not want to waste a lot of time trying all the clothes closet and want to play it safe, here are some tips that will help you. We discovered the panacea of fashion, but we should always keep that in mind. Do you take note? Continue reading

What to Wear for pre-wedding photo shoot?

The pre-wedding meeting often serves as a ‘trial’ before the day where gain confidence with the photographer, although many couples use the pictures on your invitations and ‘save-the-date’

The pre-wedding photos are more than a fashion: Most photographers recommend them because they help connect with the couple before the day, i.e. they serve as test in a more relaxed environment, isolated from the rest of the world, unhurried and without necessary that everything goes right the first time. These sessions couple also allow implement some poses and angles, and are a nice reminder that often use the wedding as part of invitations on the same day B decoration or simply as an advance in social networks : that is, as a rule are not photographs that will be staying in a drawer. Continue reading