How to wear your white jeans this winter

In the fashion world there are certain rules that over time have faded, to the benefit of lovers I break those rules. The one I like breaking is “spring colors” and “winter tones” has never entered my head why we have to stick to bright colors in summer and land or dark tones in the fall, it is so classic I’m sure that if your mom sees you out with jeans colored fluorescent yellow these days you will want to return the ear that you change (of course, I hope your mother let you wear what you like) but that’s another subject.  Continue reading

The 3 most important trends winter 2015/2016

Victorian necks and lace, fur coats, boots, velvet hats, oversize scarves, retro touches … etc. We followed each gateway designers we like and photos  street style of our ‘it-girls’ favorite, but suddenly we are saturated with so many proposals and adornments- -all interesting. Well, upon completion of the fashion weeks around the world, we must channel all the excitement caused by new collections and the outbreak of “I Want It All”, to analyze what the trends are going to empower the streets this winter. Continue reading