Zara will tempt you with its new collection of ‘The Coat edition’

Coats and sweaters in winter not need anything else to go well-sheltered street. And that Zara knows, it is why today I want to tempt -more if Cabe with his new publishing dedicated to coat. The Coat edition shows different images where different designs vary depending on the taste and the need for each. But one thing is certain: their proposals are going to win. Continue reading

The dress with polka dots, Zara is the new hit of the season

“How nice,” I thought to myself to see on the website of Zara. The black dress with white polka dots was simple, but effective, something in him that made me run to the first shop of my city and the response of the saleswoman was clear and concise “That dress is sold out everywhere, say that the reset online but we do not know when.” And I cried, I cried a lot. Zara had done it again and I had run out of the damn dress with polka dots. Until today finally again have stock on the web. Continue reading